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So you own a small business in Portland Oregon and you have a website.  But for some reason you are not getting any sales leads from your website.  This could because your website is not designed properly funneling visitors to landing/conversion pages.  But in this case you figure out how to run some statisics on your page and realize that the biggest problem is that you are not getting any web traffic to your site.  Are you down with SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of getting your website found in google searches.  It won’t do you much good to have the best website in Portland if it can’t be found on search engines.

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The purpose of SEO is to increase your standing in search engine searches.  This is done by matching up the keywords that are being used in search engines with the terms being used on your website (both in the html tags, and the content on the pages).  This is called on-page SEO and should take up about twenty five percent of your internet marketing time.

The other seventy five percent of your online marketing time should be used on off-page SEO, aka inbound link building.  The best way to do this is to create interesting content that will not only attract visitors to your website, but establish you as an expert in your industry and a good source of information.  These are things that will make someone else want to share your website with others, will build you inbound links and increase your standing in search engine results.

Don’t have time to do your own SEO?  You’re in luck we offer SEO services in Portland Oregon.


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