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SEO Link Building Strategies

Since Google’s Penguin algorithm update happened back in early 2012 there has been a lot of talk and controversy in the SEO world about what this means for them and there clients.  But Google has always stressed the importance of quality over quantity, and “content is king”.  So why is the a shock or surprise to anyone that Google has released an algorithm update that finally enforces this for SEO’s to abide by.

First let’s be clear there are many companies that still rank well even with suspicious backlink profiles, but as Google is showing us, this will become less and less often and companies will continue to suffer from illegitimate link building practices.

With Google showing no sign of stopping with these algorithm changes targeting “spammy” link building tactics it is advisable for companies to rethink their content/link building strategies to one that will sustain these updates.  Below is a brief summary of some sustainable ways for companies to not only survive the infamous Penguin but to thrive!


Create a Blog: I know that everybody knows about a blog page and that it can have an impact on your rankings but not many people execute on this simple task.  Updating new original and quality content on the regular will not only build links internally, but when quality content is published it will naturally help you to attract inbound links to your content.  Don’t be fooled a blog is an absolute necessity in today environment.

With the obvious out of the way another thing you’ll want to do is create an RSS Feed.  Most of the more popular CMS’s will already have an RSS feed but if you’re not using one(why aren’t you?) then create one.  The value of this is that there are sites out there that will crawl and scrape your content to publish on their site.  When this happens you will get a link back to your site if

a.) you include links to pages on your site in your posts

b.) install an RSS footer plugin which adds a link to your blog after every post.

Internal Linking:  This is another obvious step than many overlook especially on sites with deep content.  Make the most of pages and posts on your site by linking to them.  You control everything about these links from the context of the page they’re on, the anchor text, etc..  In addition if you have multiple sites interlink them, but only if they are relevant.

Ask For Links:  Most of us have friends, relatives, clients, and colleagues who have a site or blog.  So take advantage and ask for a link.

Research Competition: One of the best ways to find links is to look through a competitors link profile.  Not all of these links will be obtainable, however many of these can be obtained and are worth going after such as a niche directory site.

Link to Others:  Just as internal links are huge, linking to other sites can be equally as important.  As you create great content use it to receive favor from other relevant sites.

Get Your Content Out There: It is hard to get other people to link to your site if they can’t see it.  So it is important to develop a strategy around this getting people to view your content through social media, and brand awareness.  Specific to this step are covered later in this post.

Web 2.0: Web 2.0 sites are in many ways similar to an article directory but with the ability to add images and videos they are usually more valuable that article directories.

Directory Submissions: You can submit your site to company directories that search engines use to identify you as legitimate company.

Video Submissions: Video content can be a great way to gain links.  Some sites will only provide nofollow links but if you know how to submit these properly you can gain dofollow links from sites like Youtube, a PR9 site! (we can’t give away all the secrets of how to do this).

Niche Directories: Unlike web directories there are many niche specific directories that will only accept a site within a certain niche.  As an example an directory site might only accept sites in the accounting field.

EDU Content: If the goal is to get links from universities and other educational sites then create content targeted to them.  There is almost an interesting topic that you can write about that would appeal to college webmasters.

Write Testimonials: Think about all of the services/products you have purchased in the last year.  Write a testimonial on their site about your love of the service/product with a link to you and your site. A lot of webmasters are happy to publish the link for a testimonial!



This is just a small sample of different ways to go about obtaining quality backlinks.  There are many other ways which I will go into more detail on in later post.  The one thing to remember is to create creative and engaging content that people will want to read.  If you do this you are sure to be successful.  As a professional SEO company we believe in abiding by Google’s guidelines and encourage you to do the same!

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