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Pay-per-click management

When deployed correctly PPC marketing campaigns can deliver explosive results and return on investment.  One of the primary advantages is that you only have to pay when someone actually clicks on one of your ads.  Unlike traditional advertising where it is common to invest a large amount as soon as an ad is placed, you are able to get immediate and measurable results all while controlling your investment.

Because PPC campaigns are so easily measured it is easy to determine the effectiveness of running such campaigns and of course our management services.  We stay up to date on all the latest changes search engines are making in their paid search advertising programs to ensure our clients continually see the best results possible on this platform.


Why PPC?

  • Measurable Return on Investment
  • Great control over ad delivery and advertising spending
  • Advanced targeting options including: devices, platforms, geography, etc.
  • Low Risk – you only pay if someone clicks on your ad

What we do

  • Research your business and competitive landscape
  • Keyword research and development
  • For existing PPC accounts we perform campaign audits with detailed reports and analysis
  • Geography, time of day, and day of week targeting
  • Keyword bid management and placement
  • Google Analytics and conversion tracking installation
  • Ad split testing
  • Platform selection and targeting, Search vs Display
  • Mobile, tablet, and remarketing ads
  • Ad extensions: social, location, product, sitelinks
  • Consistent monthly reporting on KPI’s with phone conversation

While there are an extraordinary amount of advantages to pay-per-click advertising there can be some disadvantages as well.  It can take a considerable amount of time to manage and run an effective campaign, leaving a lot of “self managing” business owners to leave it on auto pilot, racking up costs without measureable return.

Another unfortunate disadvantage are Google reseller companies who setup campaigns and charge a flat monthly fee, not pay per click.  They tell customers that they get keywords at wholesale rates because they buy so many, however this is an absolute lie and should be a red flag to any advertiser.  Accounts should always be setup with the client as the administrator of the account, with the management company simply as a user.  This allows the client to have control and in the event of a separation the business owner retains all of the work they paid for.  We manage accounts with the highest level of ethics ensuring a pleasurable experience for our clients.

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