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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the practice of improving and promoting a web site in order to increase the traffic the site receives from search engines. There are many elements to Search Engine Optimization, from the content and keywords on your site, to the way other sites link to you on the web. Search Engine Optimization isn’t just about “engines.” It’s about making your site user friendly as well. Our national SEO campaigns are similiar to Local SEO but with the fire power of getting you ranked for keywords on a national level.

With over 600 billion searches per month it is more and more important for businesses to have a presence where consumers are searching.  Our robust SEO programs are designed to not only get you to the top but keep you there.  Our SEO service includes detailed on page optimization followed by off-site optimization or link building.


Goal of On Page Optimization

Our goal during on page optimization is to construct a page that is “optimized” for the search engines to read and understand. You’re telling Google and the other engines exactly what the page is about through several coding elements. While optimizing your pages for the search engines, we keep in mind that users will be reading your page. If you have pages of content that make no sense to users, your site will have difficulty converting site visitors into customers. Our on-page optimization is detailed as follows, should you have any questions, fill out our contact form or give us a call.


Keyword research

The first and most important step in an SEO campaign is keyword research.  It is crucial for us to properly understand who your customers are so that we can identify keyword terms they will use to search for your products and/or services.  From there we identify what keywords have the highest value in terms of search traffic and relevancy.  We take many factors into consideration when identifying quality keywords to use in your campaign ensuring we are optimizing for the most valuable and profitable keywords for your business.


On Page – URLS

This is an old school SEO tactic. Back in the day you could have the keyword in the URL and it would have a dramatic impact on your overall rankings. The search engines felt that the more focused the page, the more relevant. While in theory this still makes sense, simply naming your pages based on the keywords they target will do very little. We make sure the URL makes good sense to both the visitors and search engines.


On Page – Title Tags

The title tag is probably one of the single most important elements to on-page optimization as it is the first thing that search engines read. It’s also the first thing your visitors read prior to clicking into your website. Having a well constructed title tag means you will achieve proper placement but also make it as “relevant” as possible for users. We make sure your Title tags incorporate your brand/business name, a short phrase explaining what the page is about and perhaps even your phone number. Including a phone number in the title shows you are a legitimate business, not just a company manipulating how the search engine ranks pages.


On Page – Meta Description

Directly below the title tag in the search results is the description tag. The description is said to hold less weight for “SEO” purposes, especially with Google, although Yahoo and Bing still rely on this SEO element. Your description, much like your title, must be constructed for the search engines and your visitors. We often include a short phrase about the page, with the targeted keywords, your business name, and your phone number when possible.


On Page – Meta Keywords

Keyword tags have almost no impact today with Search Engines. They are not displayed in the search results and are known to be useless for SEO purposes.


On Page – Content

Content optimization is one of the most important elements in SEO. The idea can be tricky though as you always want to write content for users, not the search engines. No keyword stuffing.  Our goal is to keep it simple and write content for the page as it makes sense, in order to provide relevant information to visitors. In addition it is important to make sure the keyword density is appropriate, too much, and Search Engines will see it as spamming, not enough and we won’t have the weight necessary in the content.


On Page – Image Tags

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of on page SEO.  Search Engines do not read images but rather crawl the alt img tag. It is important for us to properly name the images as they relate to the content and keywords in which we are trying to rank for.


On Page – Internal Linking

Internal linking is important, but again, not nearly as important as external backlinks. Whenever you mention a word that describes another page of your website, you should link to that page.


Off page – link building

Link building is a crucial step in the process of optimizing your website.  Link building refers to the process of building relevant inbound links pointing to you from other sites.  Googles’ algorithm indexes links from every web page throughout the web.  They use this to determine your sites relevance or authority for that topic.  A good way of thinking about it is looking at links as votes.  In order to win an election you need more votes, so in order to rank higher on search engines you need more links.  However not all votes are equal and neither are links.  The number of links, quality, and relevancy and how they are linking to you(anchor text) are all factors that are considered.

We use a number of techniques to gain and control quality inbound links including directory submissions, press releases, article submissions and syndication, social bookmarking, external blog posts, video creation, and many others.


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