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We see and hear it every day, companies looking for “just” a cheap website, something simple. And surely you have seen examples of companies who have taken this path.  Maybe you are one of them.  However with the staggering statistics of how users interact with businesses online, even for offline purchases, this risk of staining your companies image is simply not worth taking.  Our websites are designed and developed with four key components in mind.



The functionality of a website may be one of the important ingredients to a successful web design.  It needs to be developed properly based on the number and type of users that will be visiting the site as well as how they will be interacting on the site once there. Is it an e-commerce site? Lead generation? Or more of a gallery? Do you see a lot of mobile and tablet users? Once these answers are determined we properly implement key functionality elements like hosting requirements, email configuration, web cms, and how the site is structured and coded.


User friendliness

A website should always be designed and developed with the user in mind.  Users should be able to easily navigate to the information/products or services they are looking for without being confused or lost.  Without this element in mind you will lose customers faster than you can find them. Consumers want what they want and they want it now, adapt to this truth and you will be successful online. We work with you to understand who your customers are, what they are looking for, and how we can lay out a site that is obvious to even the most novice web browser.



Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so this can often be a tricky one. We strive to create websites that wow our clients and their customers all while serving all the other crucial elements.  However in the end we always subside to our clients request on what is visually appealing to them and what they feel will make an impact on their customers.  In the end that is what it is all about.  But we certainly lend our knowledge and expertise creating visually stunning graphics and content that is sure to capture your audience.


Search engine friendly

While all of these elements are undeniably important, and none can be left out, we have a “special attachment” to the element that brings in dollars.  Lets face it, you can have the most beautiful, functional, user friendly site on the web(no easy task), but if you have no traffic, WHO CARES?  Search engines use complex algorithms to determine a sites authority therefore first-page-result worthiness.  Knowing and understanding this is crucial when developing a website.  This single element will be what pays for the new website year after year after year.   While many web developers are extremely good at what they do, they have little to ZERO understanding how to create a real search engine friendly website, and some will even admit it.  This leads to businesses then having to source an SEO company hoping they can work with and fix the website they have already paid hundreds or thousands of dollars for.  Save yourself the time and money and be sure to have this element included with any web design.

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